Testimonial: John JS, Australia

Testimonial: John JS, Australia

I really did not know what to expect when I volunteered at ‘the farm’. I was pretty nervous and had no obvious skills to speak of. Well, within 5 minutes of me being there, I was made so welcome and the children had me playing games and I laughed so much. I thought I was an average badminton player, well I was beaten by a 12 year old!

The boys play a lot of football and even though the field was rough the skills were there. Great for exercise too. My time there went so quickly and I made some special friends for life.

I now know that my skills include being a caring person, helping in the development of children by just talking and listening and a having a willingness to help out when needed.

I feel proud of myself as I was totally out of my comfort zone for a short period but I was not there for myself. I learned so much about their lives, I will be back when I can.

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