Testimonial: Ollie, Spain

Testimonial: Ollie, Spain

Having been brought up in England and Spain, I totally know how speaking two languages, English and Spanish, has helped me, especially travelling the world.

Being a sporty type I wanted to get involved in exercise and the well-being of the kids. Simple exercises to be done and kept up will help in physical fitness and agility. Games and play are an important part of Samrong and putting fun into it goes a long way.
I know Sam (Papa to the kids) wants to develop an area for all weather sports and with his admirable eagerness and determination to help his children, it will happen.

I really felt a sense of family here. Some of these children come from backgrounds we would not wish upon anyone but they just get on with their lives, a single smile from any particular child makes my day. How can some problems you have compare to having absolutely nothing.

I was treated with respect and after a few days there, I was part of the family. Some of the tricks played on me still makes me lol !
When I left to continue my travels, I am not afraid to say I left with a tear in my eye. Thanks to everyone for making me welcome and helping me in my worldwide development … I thought it was me who was supposed to help them!

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